Monthly Archives: February 2016

Raspberry Pi Night-Vision CCTV Cyntech Case Hack

If like me, you are an early adopter of the Raspberry Pi and have bought the new models as they are released, you probably have a surplus of older Model B’s lying about at home. It would be a crime to let them go to waste, so why not turn them into a self-enclosed night-vision CCTV camera? I recently bought Jason Barnett’s (also known as Boeeerb on Twitter) nifty little… Read Article →

Raspberry Pi and HDMIPi as a Marine Chart Plotter

The Problem A boat can be successfully navigated in the open sea with no electronic aids but the advent of GPS and its development into chart plotters has made the process much easier. I sail a Jenneau Sunfast 32 sailing yacht called Chameleon Too (photo¬†1) on the coast of East Anglia, the Thames estuary, and across the North Sea. Commercial chartplotters are OK but they cost between several hundred pounds… Read Article →